Juris Legal Software Review

Back to reviewing legal-specific apps. This one's called Juris. It's desktop-based. And I cannot get a trial copy of it to show here. I have a client in it, and I took some screenshots for you to get a visual.

Is it good legal software? It does the job. However, it felt like it took me into the way back machine. Back to about 20 years ago. How many clicks does it take to get to a report? About 10. It says it has customized reports, but you have to go through many loops and hurdles to create them. It's clunky, and it crashes. That's good news for me because I do a lot of data migration. But it is a big frustration for the clients.

I had an interesting conversation with another app partner, and she noted that many of these desktop software companies are now switching to more of a subscription-style payment system. No more, "you owe $15,000 today," for the software for the year. It's more about paying monthly.

That's good news for clients and will help cash flow. Here are the pluses and minuses of the products and some screenshots to help you get a visual.


"Billing, Accounting and Financial Management Software. Make more informed financial decisions to enhance your firm's performance."


  • All in one product.  Trust tracking and accounting
  • Timer is easy to use (for the attorneys)
  • You can look up case law inside the product
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable management is smooth
  • It integrates with Time Matters software


  • Clunky, not in the cloud
  • Rigid and not forgiving; no spellcheck!
  • Accounting Platform is NOT robust
  • After some updates in windows, the program becomes "glitchy"
  • It is much too expensive of a platform for a solo or solo plus
  • You need a server in order to host it.  Adds to the cost.
  • Support is super-expensive


Well, I am trying to be fair. I am not a fan of desktop programs.  Especially in the twenty-first century. We are past that.  The price, the buggy - crashing of this program may make you wonder why you are paying all this money for a sub-par software.  And as you can see by the screenshots below, it looks like a program I used back in 1999.  Almost-DOS looking.

To see a post from last week with some tips on how to search for legal software, click here.

Juris Login Screen

Juris Report Creation

Juris- Summary

App Integrations

Not the type of program for that. Basic product. It does integrate with Clio

Easy to Use

Very very easy to use.  Especially for an attorney or non-accountant type user.


Expensive for what it does. Too expensive.

Overall rating :  1 / 5

This product fails because of the price point and lack of integrations.

I would be curious if there are any users of Juris who love this program (I am sure there are some). I'd love to hear from you.  If you are using Juris and wondering how to get out of it (one of my client's started a hashtag #ihatejuris), call us!  We can modernize your firm and your workflow. Easy and painlessly.  WE GOT THIS!  It is our specialty!  Call us:  239-349-2004  

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Lynda Artesani

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