Law Firm Workflow for QuickBooks Online

law firm workflow for QuickBooks

For any business to be truly successful, they must truly understand their workflow, that is why my #1 mission with any new client is to help them establish a system that will work for them.  Every industry requires a unique workflow custom tailored to their objectives and law firms has always been one of my favorite workflows.

As you know, I love to share my workflows and today I would like to introduce my custom process with all the lawyers searching for a more efficient way to get the old job done. Now it is important to know that I dedicated a lot of time learning about the numerous applications on the market before selecting which pieces would be combined to achieve the best results.  It is my hope that by sharing, those hours spent will provide additional value to others as well.

But first, my Story....

One time per month, I have to travel to one client and work at their house on their Dell PC (I am a Mac user). They are my last hold out QuickBooks Desktop client. This customer is fearful of anything online.

However, it’s a good reality check to realize how vital automation is and how far we have come. Working at this clients location reminds me of how much I dislike entering every single transaction by hand. Yes, they don’t use any online banking at all! So every check, every credit card transaction, every freaking transaction has to be manually entered. (And yes, there are tools for automation in Desktop, check out the app Vendorsync to have desktop bank feeds work like QuickBooks Online).  

But this client will not connect anything to the Internet.  Even when their bank statement does not arrive in time for my visit. I tell them their bank account is online whether they choose to log into it or not, but they just wait to reconcile the next month!  So yes, I have tried to convince them that moving to the cloud is the way to go. They won’t have it.

law firm workflow for QuickBooks

My Legal App Stack:

Liscio: Moving Beyond Inbox Zero

Lean Law: Legal Time Billing Perfected

Hubdoc: Document Fetching 

LeanLaw Accounting Pro Partner....

Did I mention I am a LeanLaw Accounting Pro? I am! 

In the video below, I demonstrate the amazingness of the workflow.  Enjoy!

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Lynda Artesani

Lynda Artesani is the president of Artesani Accounting. Her firm specializes in working exclusively with the legal industry. She is passionate about helping her attorney clients migrate to modern cloud-based systems and become future-ready.​ ​ She is a Top 100 ProAdvisor, an alumni member of the Intuit Advisory Board and a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. She also runs a Facebook group and a private group called The Accountant's Law Lab. It is a place where members can learn how to work with attorneys and law firms. Lynda lives in Southwest Florida. She is a registered yoga teacher and in her free time, you will find practicing yoga or walking on the beach.​