QuickBooks Tips and Tricks -Part 3: Usage Limits

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks - Part 3:  Usage Limits coming to QBO on July 1st

This is our 3rd article on QuickBooks Tips and Tricks.  See the other two articles here and here.

As Intuit has informed us, there will be usage limits to QBO Simple Start, Essentials and Plus versions. These go in effect on July 1st 2019. We have been given plenty of notice about these limits.  Here is a link to the page that has all the details on the new usage limitations.

So, how is this a tip or trick, you ask? Well, I had seen a few threads where some users were complaining that when they made an account inactive, they saw that it said: "make inactive does not affect total account usage." Wait? I thought they said we could make accounts inactive and it would reduce the total accounts on the Chart of Accounts. Why would an account not be counted when I make it inactive?

The Answer:

The answer is if you converted your desktop file to QuickBooks Online, those accounts did not count towards the total accounts used in the list. So, when you make one of them inactive, they don't count to reduce the total either.

But what if I am over the limit?

If you are over the limit, you have a few choices. The natural choice if you want to remain future ready and cloud-based, you upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced product. With one click your program upgrades and you are all set! The other choice is to convert the file back to QuickBooks Desktop. See this video that my business partner,  Matthew Fulton, and I created on this topic. It gives some great tips! The other choice is other software, i.e., Xero or Accounting Suite or Sage. Remember with any conversion, be sure to verify your data.

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