Peace of Mind

Artesani Bookkeeping has been keeping my business’s financial books for two years. Lynda is very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate the fact that I know Lynda is going to do a thorough assessment of my business in regards to financials and record keeping. This gives me peace of mind as a business owner! Lynda is quick to respond and always has an answer to my question!

If you are looking for a professional, dependable asset to your business, do not hesitate, call Artesani Bookkeeping today! You will be so glad you did!

Advanced Reporting

Lynda provided outstanding customer service. She took the time to make sure she understood my reporting needs. The time she took to help solve my problem was greatly appreciated.

Life saver!

Lynda is really fabulous. She works WAY too many hours so she seems to always be available. And I am on the opposite coast. She has simple, understandable directions and knows how to take baby steps. She knows the software inside out and backward and can break the steps down. I highly recommend her for anyone stumbling with QB online or just basic accounting, in general.

Quickbooks Online

On my search for a Quickbooks advisor, I messaged 5 different local advisors. Not only was Lynda the ONLY ONE who responded back but she responded within the hour. She is very knowledgeable, great teacher and really makes things easy for you to understand. Definitely recommend!!

Professional, friendly, fast service

After spending time trying to figure it out myself, I asked Lynda to help with my bank reconciliation problem, which required unreconciling transactions that had been done wrong and fixing an incorrect beginning balance. Lynda's quick response and professional style enabled me to resolve the problem in no time. Thank you, Lynda, so much for your generous help!

Responsive and Beyond!

Lynda has been helping our small engineering firm with Quickbooks from Day 1 - that's going on 6 years! She is always pleasant, helpful and works with us until our problems are solved. She is our go to resource for all things Quickbooks and if you have questions, she has the answers! Anytime I have an issue or question I email Lynda and she always responds almost immediately, I feel at ease as a beginner using the program knowing that I have an expert that is only one click away.

Wonderful Resource Who Knew What I Needed

I encourage users of QuickBooks (whether as individuals or businesses) to take advantage of the incredible resource that is Artesani Bookkeeping. They can HELP YOU with the thorniest QuickBooks issues. This is a GREAT BUSINESS! DON'T HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ARTESANI BOOKKEEPING! A+

Went Above and Beyond to Answer Question

I contacted Lynda @ Artesani Bookkeeping and I was able to get in touch with her. She was able to go over my specific questions and gave me a clear answer fast and showed me a video to my solution. She was also able to go into more details about other issues I was not even aware of regarding my small company bookkeeping records. I am happy to have contacted her and get my answers fast.

Solved a Complex Problem that Intuit Support Couldn't Help With

Lynda helped me with a complex problem that even the QBO support team couldn't resolve. I talked to 3 different QBO support reps before finally calling Artesani Bookkeeping. Each one of the reps said they had never seen the issue before. So I starting searching YouTube and I found a video that Lynda made about the very same issue so I reached out to her. She resolved the issue very quickly and didn't even charge me. Wow! Awesome company!