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Welcome to the Accountant's Law Lab.  

This is a private space for you to learn how to work with attorneys and law firms.  We are excited to have you join us!  What is the Law Lab?  See the video below for why you want to join our amazing group!

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It's Best For

Accountants or Bookkeepers New to Working with Attorneys


Learn the lingo! Learn about trust accounting.  Learn about advanced client costs.  Learn about advanced reporting and much, much more!

Accountants or Bookkeepers wanting to Niche out their Firms and Specialize


Are you curious as to what it is like to work with law firm clients?  Do you want to target this niche but do not know how?  Our group will help direct you to becoming a specialist when working with the legal profession.

Accountants or Bookkeepers wanting to Learn More about the Industry


Have a few attorneys as clients and want to know more about trust accounting or best practices?  You have come to the right place!


I'm Lynda Artesani


And I love working with attorneys!  Their industry is fascinating to me.  I love their professionalism and drive. Attorneys are hard working but also very caring individuals.

My firm works exclusively with attorneys and law firms.  Niching my practice was the BEST business decision I have ever made.  

My passion is about helping accountants and bookkeepers navigate the complexities of the legal industry.  We teach them how to keep their client's books compliant and  


Artesani Accounting, Founder


I'm Sarah Prevost


When we opened our doors at Mintage Labs, our first client was a solo firm. I instantly fell in love with the challenge and a new way to understand something that became very natural to me. Most importantly, I love that this gave me a launching pad to help our community and support each other!


Mintage Labs, Founder

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Liliane Larsen

ALL Member


Thanks, Lynda Artesani and Sarah Prevost for a great place to learn and grow. Both of you are so generous with your knowledge. Grateful to be part of your wonderful group!

Nicole Lawrence

ALL Member


Lynda & Sarah are so skilled in what they do and have such a wealth of knowledge that they love to share with others. I look forward to each weeks meetings and having the opportunity to learn first hand from them. I am so grateful to be a part of Accountant's Law Lab! Thank you Lynda and Sarah!!!

Rossana Laib

ALL Member


Accountant's Law Lab = ALL. Literally, this is this place where you can get ALL of your questions answered when it comes to handling finances for lawyers and law firms. Lynda and Sarah have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are selfless in sharing what they know. I greatly appreciate what I have learned so far, and look forward to each week's meeting! Regardless of your current skill level, all topics are addressed with humor, helpfulness, and respect. Accountant's Law Lab is like having your own mentor as you grow your business.

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