Your law firm is in need a professional to handle your books but not just any bookkeeper will do. What you need is a team who is already familiar with the specifics of working in the law industry. That's where we come in.

As a Gold LeanLaw Accounting Pro and Clio Certified Partner, Lynda Artesani is the ideal choice for attorneys. Lynda has her own unique and efficient workflow to help law firms streamline their finances. To learn more about her amazing custom process, click here.

At Artesani Accounting, we are prepared to help firms operate more efficiently. We help managing partners and principal attorneys get a better grasp of their business. Our services are more than just accounting. We tackle cash flow, staf efficiencies, attorney compensation, client profitability, compliance, and management of the ever-important funds held in trust.

We will lay the foundation and establish best practices so that you can do what you do best, practice law.

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys


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