How to Keep Your Data Secure at your Law Firm

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They're often carried out by people trying to steal money or information. Even the American Bar Association has cited this as an "urgent...

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Law Firm Cash Flow Rollercoaster

The cash flow rollercoaster is a term used to describe the unpredictable ups and downs of cash flow, which can cause problems for attorneys. This article overviews the different types of cash flow...

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Law Firm Financial Strategy for Lawyers: How to Run Your Practice Like a Business

Being an attorney can be a rewarding and lucrative profession. If you want your practice to run like a business, here are some business tips for you to consider. You're an attorney who wants to...

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Lawyer Burnout - The Struggle is Real

Lawyers face many stressors that can cause burnout. They must juggle multiple deadlines, meet client’s needs, and stay on top of new laws and regulations. Burnout can affect lawyers...

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8 Attorney Bookkeeping Tips for starting a Law Practice


You are an attorney looking to start or grow a law practice. How do you determine whether you’re ready? Here are eight steps to follow to ensure that you’re prepared for the...

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The Challenges of Trust Accounting for Lawyers

Many lawyers have found that trust accounting is one of the most challenging areas of their practice. Often, trust accounting can be seen as complex for a number of reasons. Managing your trust...

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Clio Reports


As I finalize my month on Clio, the legal tech software, the month has certainly flown by.  I've received some great responses and questions on the topic. Since this is the...

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Clio and Bank Feed Matching


With training our new staff, we find a lot of times, there’s some confusion around the transactions in Clio that are pushed into QuickBooks and then matched at the bank level.

See the...

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Clio Settings: Connecting to QuickBooks



Not connecting Clio to QuickBooks is one of the mystifying trends we find when working with a new client using Clio, or when working with a bookkeeper or an accountant in our...

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