Attorney Bookkeeping: Why Use Cloud-Based Software?

The use of cloud-based software is a common practice for bookkeeping needs in law firms. There are many benefits to using cloud-based bookkeeping software. Cloud-based software will give you...

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What the…File-type?!


There are lots of different situations that call for a separate set of tools, just so you can get the job done. A big advantage to having a professional on scene is that they come with their...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Attorney Reports


The following blog post is designed to help attorneys understand the reports they need to create using QuickBooks Online as their accounting software. The first report is a requirement of...

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Accounting terminology for law firms


There is a lot that goes into accounting for law firms. Why is it essential if you are a partner or a solo lawyer in your firm? In this article, we will dive deep into educating the...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Processing the Transactions


We are continuing on the series of QuickBooks Online for Attorneys, and after much hard work, we've finally arrived at a place where I think you are ready to get your hands dirty with...

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Attorney Bookkeeping: Entering Historical Opening Client Trust and Accounts Receivable Balances

The Client Trust liability account in QuickBooks Online is critical when you work with attorneys. It is an account that should be entered with a history. This post will explain why the full...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Importing the Client, Vendor, and Employee list

We continue with the QuickBooks Online series for attorneys for the proper setup of your law firm. We have done all the heavy lifting, and if you look at the prior posts, it will take you through...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Getting Started with a Chart of Accounts

Welcome to a series on how to use QuickBooks Online for attorneys and law firms.

A chart of accounts is a very important aspect of the accounting system for a legal entity. You need to make sure...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Entering Billable Time and Expenses

Congratulations on your decision to use QuickBooks Online! It is a robust accounting software. You've probably already realized that it is not built just for attorneys or the legal industry. It's...

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