Legal Software: LeanLaw Settings Part 2

Considering that you've chosen to add LeanLaw as your attorney billing software, undoubtedly the main reason is because of the billing. You want a professional-looking invoice to send out to...

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Legal Software: LeanLaw Settings Part 1

As you dive into the software, you will get excited about the powerful one, two punch of LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Advanced. QuickBooks is such a generalized accounting...

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LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Advanced: User Roles and Permissions

One of the beauties of having QuickBooks Online Advanced and LeanLaw as a software partnership is the ability to have streamlined user functionality. 

As an accountant, we always jokingly...

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Law Firms: Measure your success using key performance indicators KPIs

One of the ways you can measure the numbers that tell the story of your law firm's success is by using key performance indicators (KPIs). A KPI is a fancy acronym, which sounds daunting, but in...

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The Attorney Balancing Act: Correcting Trust Account Mistakes

When I think of balance, I always think of my yoga practice. When you work with attorneys and live in a world of compliance, you know that balancing one or two or even three trust accounts is no...

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The Unstoppable Advisor: Role-Play Your Way to Advisory Services

How we use Advisory Services with our Law Firm Clients

As mentioned in the earlier posts, I am winding down the road of the courses I will be teaching or co-teaching at the Scaling New...

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Customer Service Client Experience 2.0

Client Experience 2.0 is a term coined by Liscio, my favorite app in my work stack. Liscio is the software I use to manage client communication and client document storage....

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Tips to Manage your Law Firm Accounting with the Help of QuickBooks Online

I have yet to meet an attorney that loves accounting. It's a necessary evil for businesses, and unfortunately, somehow, it often ends up as a part of what entrepreneurs end up doing themselves....

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Challenge Yourself To Be An Unstoppable Advisor

I've been a big fan of Scaling New Heights since the first time I attended two years ago. I was blown away by the content and the level of education that's in place at this conference.

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