We have a course! Fast Track Legal Accounting


Did you just get your first phone call from an attorney and want to learn more?  Did you land your first lawyer-client and think, "I may want to become that expert!" ...

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How to Analyze a Law Firm's Financial Statements

Our firm works exclusively with law firm clients and attorneys, and I've been privy to seeing many different spins on a law firm's chart of accounts.

I'm bringing this up at the beginning of this...

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Attorney Bookkeeping - The Slow Death of the Billable Hour


 Last week we talked about the attorney billable hour and writing down hours to discount the work provided for legal services. Writing down hours can be a devastating blow to the bottom...

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The Cost of Billable Hours: How to Avoid Write Downs


Billable hours are a reality, whether in a large law firm or in-house counsel. These hours are vital to the practice of law and are also one of the most difficult tasks to manage....

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What's Difference Between a Law Firm Expenses and Personal Expenses?


What's the Difference Between a Law Firm's Bank Account and Their Wallet? This is a  post about the differences between law firm finances and personal finances and how to book...

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Law Firm Budgeting


We are in mid-tax season. As an attorney, you might look at your records and bottom line and think….

“where did all the money go?”

Maybe you ask your tax professional,...

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Top Do’s and Don'ts on IOLTA Accounts for Law Firms

The interest on a lawyer's trust account, commonly known as IOLTA, is one of the most mysterious accounts in attorney's chart accounts. Yes, we know it's a bank account; we know that there's...

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Attorney Books: Using No Status

 One of the things I love about collaborating with other accountants and bookkeepers is learning new trade tricks.

The last few weeks have been narrowly focused on how to clean up your client...

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Lawyer Bookkeeping: Unapplied Cash Payment Income/Expense


 Let me paint the picture. You are doing your accounting records for your law firm. You send the tax professionals the financial documents that they requested. The tax professional...

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