Its Called a Trust Account for a Reason

Have you ever heard of a story that made you shake your head and say:

“Uh, what century are we living in again?!”

The unfortunate truth is that there are ethical lawyers and some not...

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Reconciling the Advanced Client Cost Account

Reconciling the advanced client cost account is a must if you do attorney bookkeeping.  It is important to track this account.  If it is left untouched, you could be leaving...

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Hard Costs & Soft Costs


Hard cost (Direct) and soft costs (Indirect), I guess I should have included them in my list of terminology that you need to know when you work with a Law firm. But this post is about how...

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Lucky Number 3 - Three Way Bank Reconciliation for Attorneys

Lucky Number 3?

In the world of trust accounting, Law Firms and Attorneys are expected to have their client & trust ledgers reconciled frequently as well as their trust accounts ...

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