Scaling New Heights 2020

It’s funny how an accounting conference can both exhilarate you and drain you all at the same time. This conference was no different, yet it was unique. The event was held at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, which is a massive conference center. Covid placed a different spin on the event for sure. There were no after parties and unusual spacing in the rooms and the main stage.

In-Person and Virtual

I do have to thank the Woodard Group as they did a phenomenal job ensuring attendee safety. Precisely what made this conference special is what also made it so unique. We had in-person attendees at the conference center and remote attendees. While there were some technical glitches, even the remote attendees got some excellent value watching from home. I would love to hear from anyone who attended virtually to hear how they felt the conference went.  

Congratulations to my friend, Vanessa, for winning App-ologist ProAdvisor 2020!

Of course, the best part about accounting conferences is the connection you make with others. Being with colleagues and peers in person made this event even more special because it got us out of our homes and everyday Covid routines. It was energizing.


Emily from my favorite app, Liscio 

Fellow Floridian Deb  Kilsheimer         

It is my 2nd Scaling New Heights. I find myself wondering why I did not go to these earlier? The level of education you receive at these Woodard events is at a higher level than other conferences. Personally, for me, since Covid, this conference gave me a chance to reflect on the “staying home” life and the overworking. The ups and downs of living in the Covid world can take their toll. Who hasn’t overworked and sat down at night for dinner and had too much to eat and/or drink this year? If you haven’t, you are a better person than me.

Next Year

Next year’s conference is named “Unstoppable.” I love the title. After returning from the conference, this is how I feel. I want to start my unstoppable journey now.  What does that mean for me?

  1. Take care of myself first.
  2. Meditation.
  3. Stop overdoing/over helping.
  4. Calendar block and schedule the crap out of everything.
  5. Take the full weekend off.
  6. Finish the three advanced yoga training I purchase and have started and not finished.
  7. Make time for yoga, paddle boarding, reading books, and the beach.


If my days are so full, how do I find this time?  A few ways. I am staying off Facebook and time block scheduling my social media and using my Virtual Assistant more. While talking with others at the conference, it dawned on me that I can block out my schedule and pause my email.  Scheduling Facebook time will be hard for me, but I have to remind myself that I will be a much better person with all of this organization. Being interrupted continually is not a great way to work anyway. My schedule is already quite full, but we will get through it.  The following week will be my super-scheduling week.  Permanent time blocks for client work.  Maybe a time-block for leads/proposals and one for marketing my firm. 

Look out, world; I’m becoming unstoppable.