QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Creating a Client, the Matter, and Receiving the Retainer

QuickBooks is a powerful tool for keeping your law firm running. This article will look at the basic setup of QuickBooks for law firms for creating a client, matter in the sales section, and also...

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What are the Three Key Performance Indicators Best for Tracking in a Profitable Law Firm?

As any law firm executive knows, tracking metrics is crucial to drive return on equity and maintain profitability. It can be a painstaking process that can be time-consuming and difficult to...

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Law Firm Marketing: A Successful Attorney Website

A great website is one of the essential tools for law firm growth. A great website will have a direct impact on your bottom line. It's not as simple as just building a website, however. The...

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Legal Accounting: Hiring a Legal Bookkeeper

If you could secretly speak to most attorneys, not as an accountant, but as a friend, they would probably tell you that legal accounting keeps them up at night. Sure, they know how to do the law...

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Attorney Billing Methods – Which Method is the Best?

One of the main things that can set a successful attorney apart from a less successful one is how they charge their clients. They can charge hourly, fixed fee or contingency basis. But they can...

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Law Firm Trust Accounting Pitfalls

An IOLTA/Trust account is an account that lawyers use to hold client's up front deposits, which are more commonly know in the industry as retainers, until the money is earned. It is at that time...

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Why is my Trust Account Not Balanced?

As you dig deeper into trust accounting, this is the age-old question. Why is my trust accounting not balanced?

We see this all the time with clients. They’ll tell us that their trust...

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Is Trust Accounting Hard?

If you just landed your first attorney-client, you may be struggling with some of the terminologies:  IOLTA, what the heck is that? Trust Accounting, is that an IOLTA?  And what are the...

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Indirect or Soft Costs


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article that was all about Direct/Hard costs when working with attorney clients. This week we are going to dive into what Indirect/Soft costs are....

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