An Open Letter to my Attorney-Client

Dear Mr. or Ms. or Attorney:

Did you know at year-end that it’s a great time to make a change to a better law firm software?

Okay, I get it. But this is not an annual process....

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Attorney-Client: Closing the Books for year end

It's that wonderful time of the year. It is "getting the records ready for tax time" of the year. As mentioned in this earlier post, we can prepare by getting the contractor lists to...

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Law Firm Budgeting


Budgeting? Do I need to create a budget for my law firm? So many things to do; is this essential to running my law firm? 

This discussion is half the conversation I hear when I bring up...

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Law Firms and 1099 Requirements


We are almost to the 1099 season.  How did that happen?  Recently, in our Facebook group, QB Community Live! We had a lively discussion on the 1099's and the new/old...

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Top KPI’s for Law Firms


You have elevated your practice to a new high. You've taken the time and effort to specialize in one area, and you have chosen the legal industry. Maybe you have even micro-niched to one...

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Attorney-Client: Top 9 tips for a prosperous 2021

As we wind down 2020, it has been an interesting year for sure.  Some clients thrived, while others struggled with closed courtrooms.  The one resounding message I get from my clients is...

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Scaling New Heights 2020

It’s funny how an accounting conference can both exhilarate you and drain you all at the same time. This conference was no different, yet it was unique. The event was held at the Marriott...

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Law Firm Profitability: Accounts Receivable

This week and the next few weeks we will be repeating some of our favorite Advisory posts. Why? Well, we just completed a very interesting series of courses at Scaling New Heights.  I had...

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Law Firm Profitability: The Realization Rate


This week and the next few weeks we will be repeating some of our favourite Advisory posts. Why?  Because we are headed to the only accounting conference this year, Scaling New...

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