Letting Go…

If you are a QB Community Live member, you may have seen a recent video by my partner, Matthew Fulton, announcing my exit from the group as Admin.

Many of you were kind and reached out to me privately and asked to see my official announcement because they missed it.

I am posting it here for you:

My Message

"It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I am leaving QB Community Live. It has been an amazing journey! I have decided that it is time for me to focus my attention on professional growth with the law firm accounting practice and find time with my family.

I want to thank each and every member of QB Community Live. You are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing…helping each other."

The Decision 

This was a tough decision. This group was created by me and Matthew as a labor of love.  We both wanted to help people.  We wanted to create a safe space to ask and answer questions.  I can still remember the excitement we felt when the first question was answered by one of the members.  We felt exhilarated!  But now it is  time to say goodbye...

I have many business goals and dreams, like all of you. I targeted 2021 to be the year of organization.   I also want to create some free time on weekends to dedicate to myself, whether it is going to the beach or painting or hanging with my family.

"I truly believe the universe gives you what you need."

 A few days ago, I had the opportunity to be seated next to a man that helped validate my choices. He survived a rare form of brain cancer and he told me he was the only one that's ever survived it. We chatted for almost 3 hours. I just sat and listened as he told me his story of becoming ill and what he did to beat his cancer. He told me about his life journey.

The Universe

His form of brain cancer was that rare. He showed me how his motor skills are severely affected by his surgeries. As he told his story, we quickly realized that we had lived in Rhode Island in many of the same cities at the same time. Yet our paths have never crossed— until now. He told me,

"Lynda, you have to find gratitude in all that you do. I live each day in gratitude. I survived something that nobody else has."

Life is funny sometimes. We get serious, we bear down, we work, and we work, and we work. Partially because we love our work but also because it's a distraction from life. And then sometimes life makes you slow down. Sometimes things change. Sometimes the universe has to smack you in the face to see the light.

I hope that I can reach out and touch someone's heart the way Mark did for me on Monday. And for that, Mark, I am grateful.