Vision and Mission Statements for the Law Firm Business Owner



This week we’ll discuss vision and mission statements and their importance in tracking your financial goals or even setting those goals. Many of us business owners are...

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Increase Your Law Firm’s Client Retention Rate


The client retention rate is an essential metric for any legal service business. It measures how well a law firm keeps clients happy after they hire them.

Create an Effective Website

If you...

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Small Law Firm KPIs


You may run a solo law firm or a solo plus one firm. What strategy should you implement when tracking metrics and your law practice?

Getting Started

It is easy to get caught up in the...

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My Top 5 Tips for solving the Rubik’s Cube that is Trust Accounting


Can trust accounting be a Rubik's cube? Yes, It can. And what I mean by a Rubik's cube is that it's a puzzle. I can tell you I have met with enough clients over the years to know that they...

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4 Ways to Keep a Law Firm in Top Shape

I wanted to share my four best tips for keeping your law firm in tiptop shape. Clients often reach out to us and share stories of how their books have become unruly and messy.

Tip #1: Trust Account...

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The Hard Costs and the Soft Costs of Your Law Firm


If you are new to law firm accounting or an attorney just starting, you might find it puzzling how to enter any expenses for your clients.

Learning about client costs is where the lingo gets...

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How to Keep Your Data Secure at your Law Firm


Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They're often carried out by people trying to steal money or information. Even the American Bar Association has cited this as an...

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Law Firm Cash Flow Rollercoaster


The cash flow rollercoaster is a term used to describe the unpredictable ups and downs of cash flow, which can cause problems for attorneys. This article overviews the different types of...

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Law Firm Financial Strategy for Lawyers: How to Run Your Practice Like a Business


Being an attorney can be a rewarding and lucrative profession. If you want your practice to run like a business, here are some business tips for you to consider. You're an attorney who wants...

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