Law firms: Migrating to Cloud-Based Software


Are you stuck in a desktop world? Are you chained to your computer and when you try to do your work remotely?  Do you have to log into a server? Did you know that this type of...

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The Best Workflow When Working With Attorneys As An Accountant

Legal Workflow for Accountants

I’m fortunate to be known as a person who works with attorneys as a specialist In the legal industry.

 I’ve had multiple people ask, ...

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Two File Method with Trust Accounting

You may have seen this title and wondered what the heck is Lynda talking about? What is a two-method file setup?

Many people believe that having the trust accounting in a separate QuickBooks...

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What you need to know about Payroll when working with Attorneys & Law Firms

Do you work with attorneys?  What is the differences in working with law firms and payroll?  The short answer is not much.  But it all comes down to the entity.   Are they...

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Attorney Payroll

 If you work with attorneys and law firms, you know that their payroll is complex. Many times the most basic payroll service options won’t do. Additionally, add to that the compensation...

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Has Your Advanced Client Cost Account been Reconciled?


I think the second most popular topic that I get asked about after talking about trust accounting is advanced client costs.

What is it?  When do we use it?  How do we...

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Attorney Books: IOLTA Messes


The trust account can be one of the places that's a significant sticking point for bookkeepers and accountants. I can't even count on one hand how many times an attorney will tell me, "I...

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Attorney Compensation Models


When you start to work with the larger firms, you'll find that the compensation reporting can get a bit tricky. There are multiple ways of compensating attorneys. The most common...

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Attorney Financial Reporting


The topic for our weekly meeting on Wednesday at the Accountant's Law Lab, our private invite-only group, is attorney financial reports and compensation reporting. What reports does an...

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