Law Firm Practice Area: Estate Planning


The next practice area that we are going to discuss is estate planning. This area of law tends to be a practice area with very long and lengthy trust matters. What does that mean for...

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Law Firm Practice Area - Personal Injury Law Firms

Next up is a personal injury firm. Many personal injury attorneys I've spoken to have said, "My practice area is straightforward, and I don't need any external software because the trust tracking...

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Law Firm Practice Area: Immigration Firms

There’s a lot I can say about immigration firms and accounting. Let’s start with the transaction volume. Like family law, there are many transactions for many exact and similar...

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Law Firm Practice Areas: Family Law Accounting Nuances

When working with clients who have the practice area of family law, several areas stand out that can be challenging. First of all, with this practice area, you will have a good volume of...

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Law firm KPIs: Break-even Costs

The cost of running your firm is an important metric to track when you are starting a law practice. Knowing your cost of operations will allow you to make decisions about where to focus your...

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Law firm KPI: Attorney Productivity


Next up on our KPI or key performance indicators journey, we shift to tracking staff production. Our firm works with mid-market firms, and once you start to have more than five attorneys on...

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Attorney KPI's: Marketing for your Law Firm


When you think about marketing as an expense, it's more than just that. Without marketing, you wouldn't have a way for clients to find you. Marketing is your sales performance guide. It's...

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Law Firm Client Satisfaction Score


As we dive into the essential metrics that every law firm should be tracking, my number one metric is client satisfaction. Why? Well, unsatisfied clients don't lead to extra business. Happy...

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Attorney Compensation: Growing your Firm the Smart Way


If you are a lawyer that runs a profitable firm and is in growth mode, your compensation package will help you to gain and retain great staff. Remember, all law firms compete for staff and...

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