Attorney Financial Reporting

The topic for our weekly meeting on Wednesday at the Accountant's Law Lab, our private invite-only group, is attorney financial reports and compensation reporting. What reports does an attorney...

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Don’t look behind you to see the future: Forecasting attorneys books

Are you looking in the rear view mirror to determine your law practice's forward trajectory? That's what a lot of us are doing if we are using a cash flow report or looking at our financial...

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Let’s get personal: Setting Personal Goals for 2021

We have just switched over to a new year. I think we can all agree that last year was challenging. Some clients saw a surge in their revenue, and many customers did not.  The was very...

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Attorney-Client: Top 9 tips for a prosperous 2021

As we wind down 2020, it has been an interesting year for sure.  Some clients thrived, while others struggled with closed courtrooms.  The one resounding message I get from my clients is...

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First Attorney Client: Pricing Clean Up Work

If you're starting a new bookkeeping firm, pricing is probably one of the more difficult things you have to learn. When you niche your practice, you have the ability to become an expert in your...

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First Attorney-Client: Pricing your Work

Pricing client work, especially when you're first starting, can be challenging. Finding precisely the right amount to invoice, it's a finesse skill. It comes with practice. Give yourself some...

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First Attorney-Client: Engagement Prep

This week is all about getting closer to the engagement letter and completing the file review. Back in the first post, I mentioned that you should charge for this service. In the second post,...

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Your First Attorney-Client: QuickBooks File Review

In last week's post, it was all about how to handle your first attorney-client prospect.  We talked all about what to say and what information to gather.  You made the...

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Questions to ask your new Attorney-Client

Hooray! You received your first lead from a potential attorney-client. His name is George Smith, and he has a small practice with one other partner. You are nervous about calling him back. What...

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