Law Firm Bookkeeping Practice Area: Criminal Law

Law firm practice areas are the topics of this month, and this is the final article in our series on the nuances in the practice areas as it applies to servicing this type of client and doing...

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Law Firm Practice Area: Immigration Firms

There’s a lot I can say about immigration firms and accounting. Let’s start with the transaction volume. Like family law, there are many transactions for many exact and similar...

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Law firm KPIs: Break-even Costs

The cost of running your firm is an important metric to track when you are starting a law practice. Knowing your cost of operations will allow you to make decisions about where to focus your...

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Top KPI’s for Law Firms

You have elevated your practice to a new high. You've taken the time and effort to specialize in one area, and you have chosen the legal industry. Maybe you have even micro-niched to one specific...

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