Data Migration

Now Is The Time To Upgrade To The Cloud

Let's be honest, most practice management applications for the legal industry are archaic and inefficient to use. Most firms have a dedicated employee that acts as the unofficial power user and employee trainer. The last thing anyone wants to think about is migrating to a new platform. Fortunately, the team at Artesani Accounting can tackle your migration for you.

With more than 200 hours of migration projects under our belt, we know exactly what data we can convert over to our new app stack.

Will Convert:

  • Customer Record
  • Matter Details
  • Trust Account Transactions
  • Chart of Accounts

Does Not Convert:

  • Historical Accounts Already Closed
  • Some custom data based on export functions
  • Historical Time Entry
  • Software specific fields not available via export

End Result:

By the time we complete our data migration process you will be amazed by the efficiency created when you combine QuickBooks Online Advanced & LeanLaw.

List Items



Chart of Accounts


Bank Accounts



Credit Card Accounts


Sales Receipts

Trust Accounts


Payments Received


Phase 1:  Requires the most input from the client. During this phase we will focus on the collection of all data necessary to complete the conversion process. Prompt responses to data requests lead to an efficient project.
Once all data have been received from client, the import process will begin. It is important to verify that all account data has been shared before starting or the project will be delayed.

  • Chart of Accounts: Our team will restructure your COA to match with proper accounting practices. Once completed, we will submit the list for your approval.
  • Items List: Depending on the specific focus .of your practice, we will work with you to create an efficient list of items that will be able to sync across our app-stack
  • Client List & Matter List: After reviewing your current billing process, we will help structure your customer, sub-customer and matter lists. The format of this information will impact how the different applications sync together

Phase 2: Review how far back historical information will need to be saved. The common reaction from all clients is to save everything as far back as possible. While this can be done, it will directly impact the cost of the overall conversion.Once the starting and ending date of the conversion are determined, we can begin to import the transactions.

  • Tip: Start with all open trust accounts and then review which clients and matters are likely to bring you additional business in the future. This can help save you time and money during a conversion

Phase 3: Reconciliation of the imported data

We have completed numerous law firm software migrations. The key to success in purchasing new financial software is understanding what critical features are MOST significant to your business. Additionally, it is essential to know how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how to refine workflow and implement best practices that will work within these new tools. Picking the right software and a partner to help you migrate is essential to this journey's success.

We can help your firm become future-ready with the BEST software for your time, billing, and accounting platform. Now is the time to get off of antiquated desktop systems like Juris and PC Law and bring automation into your practice.

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