Workflow Design

For The Legal Industry

What is Workflow Design?

Think about the daily tasks that make up your day and how much time you could free up if you could just streamline the process. Workflow design requires a person to document the flow of information through a company to better understand any point in which a team member must interact with that data.  

Attorneys statistically only spend about 30% of their day on billable tasks.  We can help improve this metric and put more time into your day with the help of automation and the right software.  We have hand-selected the best group of applications to provide your firm to become future-ready.

Common Workflow Solutions

  • Automated Time Tracking
  • AR Collections
  • Performance Reporting
  • Expense Receipt Capture
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Key Performance Indicators

Artesani Approved App-Stack

QuickBooks Online Advanced

The Foundation

QuickBooks Online Advanced provides the strong foundation we need to provide services for our clients.


Tracking Billable Time

LeanLaw is a cloud-based software that manages your client transactions. Track billable time and expenses; manage your trust accounting with accuracy.  LeanLaw integrates with QuickBooks Online, and the combination makes QuickBooks work perfectly for the legal industry.


Encrypted Communications

Client communication, at its core, is essential, especially when working with attorneys and sensitive data.

Liscio is a platform that allows us to engage our clients securely.  It is a practice management tool with task management.  Also, all file sharing and messaging are contained in one quiet space.  


Expense Capture Automation

Receipt Bank is receipt capture software. Never miss an expense or reimbursable advanced client cost. We will work with your administrative staff and use this program to upload all receipts and attach them to the QuickBooks transactions.