Attorney Bookkeeping: Why Use Cloud-Based Software?

The use of cloud-based software is a common practice for bookkeeping needs in law firms. There are many benefits to using cloud-based bookkeeping software. Cloud-based software will give you valuable time, so you don't have to worry about the process of installing, configuring, and learning to use the software on your own. Setup can be complex so hiring an expert is pivotal in successful data entry and workflow.

Are you still using antiquated software?

I see so many law firms that are still living in the dark ages of desktop. There are limitations to having desktop software. One of the main reasons is the cost. Typically, this software will run you about $15,000 per year. When you add the price of a server and then maybe a remote service to log into your desktop software, it can get very pricey.

Cloud software allows you to log in from any device. My professional recommendation is QuickBooks Online Advanced. This software is perfectly designed and packed with features any attorney will need to manage their data with high-level reporting. There are additional features in the product that will help you automate any of the workflows that you are probably doing manually if you're still using clunky desktop software.

Why QuickBooks Online Advanced?

QuickBooks Online Advanced is by far the best software to run your law practice. There are workflows, automation, AI, advanced reporting all-inclusive in this product. Remember, QuickBooks was designed to be used for all types of businesses. How do we make QuickBooks work for law firms?  By adding additional legal software! Intuit’s top recommended software happens to be the only two we use in our firm.  Intuit has deemed only these two softwares to be considered its "premier software" that works the best with the accounting platform. The Premier Software recommendations are LeanLaw and Clio.  Adding the software to your QuickBooks product is like putting the attorney suit on top of the accounting software.

The other benefit of QuickBooks Online Advanced is the number of users who have access to the software. You get a total of 27, so this works well with mid market firms. But the other benefit is that you can add users on the legal software, and then they don't have access to the accounting software. They can manage their clients inside of a space designed just for them. Below you will see a dashboard for one attorney using LeanLaw. As you can see, attorneys can see how much is open in receivables, how much time is billable and how much they have designated to them as the responsible attorney.

So, if you've been sitting on the fence thinking about moving to the cloud will be difficult, I'm here to tell you it is not. If you hire the right firm that is an expert in data migration, we will easily move you to the cloud and keep your records up-to-date.

I've had so many happy clients who may take over a year to decide to move to the cloud and then realized, “why didn't we do it sooner?”

We are data migration specialists!

Here's a shortlist of products we have migrated firms off and moved them to our workflow.

  • PC law
  • Abacus law
  • Juris
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
  • Timeslips

We have also moved some unhappy people in their selection of cloud-based software to our premier software app stack. We have successfully migrated:

  • Cosmolex
  • Bill4Time
  •  Practice Panther

Are you using software that you’re not happy with? Is it crashing on you? Now is the time to make that move! Call us today!