Customer Service Client Experience 2.0

Client Experience 2.0 is a term coined by Liscio, my favorite app in my work stack. Liscio is the software I use to manage client communication and client document storage. But what does client experience 2.0 mean? And why does a software company care about our customers and customer service?

Client Experience 2.0 is why I align so much with Liscio. Never mind the fact that some fantastic people are behind this product. But they have developed this software to have a look and feel that is professional, organized, and easy to use. We live in the software all day long. Not only is it attractive with beautiful soft colors, But the best part is there is very little noise. It's a quiet space where you communicate directly with your clients and your staff.

Client Security

Security is probably the number one reason I chose Liscio to be an integral part of my workflow and day. The interface is easy and requires little instruction. My clients love it because they know I care about them and their documents and security right from the beginning.

Have you ever felt like you were badgering your clients trying to get the documents on time from them? Have you ever received responses from clients like this:

  • I didn't see your email.
  • Oh, I'm sorry, I did see your email. I was on the road, and it completely slipped my mind.
  • Can you resend me the request?
  • And an even worse scenario--has this happened to you?
  • A client sends you their tax return with their Social Security numbers on it.
  • A Client hires a new staff person and sends you a copy of their new employee's driver's license and all the paperwork with their Social Security numbers on it.

You know that everything that was just emailed to you can be used to steal someone's identity is right there in those documents. If this happens to you, you've probably cringed. How can you protect your client? Simply, Liscio.

Because it's an invite only software, the only people messaging you are your staff, or your clients. You set up an account, and in that account, it will house all the data and all the client communication in one place.

Did you have a staff member leaving and adding a new one? With Liscio, it was easy to switch and swap team members on accounts--literally, it takes seconds.

I am teaching two sessions about Liscio at the accounting conference, Scaling New Heights in Ft. Worth Texas on October 24-27th. The first session is called Client Experience 2.0 ---what is it and how does your firm stack up? and I am co-teaching with Katey Maddux the session called The Client Experience 2.0 Model in Action.

I'll tell you some secrets behind how I get the data quickly to keep my work flowing, get the documents fast, and work with my clients using Liscio. If you're using a portal for clients or using another online storage method, why not give Liscio a try as it keeps the communication and the documents together in one quiet space.

I hope to see you at Scaling New Heights in October!