Have you heard about the Accountant’s Law Lab?

Let’s say you just landed your very first attorney-client.  You are excited because you want to work with these very professional clients.   But you are nervous because you know this industry has some complexities. Or maybe, you want to niche your firm to work exclusively to work only with attorneys.  Where do you start? 

Have you heard about the Accountant’s Law Lab?  It is a collaborative group of rockstar accountants and bookkeepers that want to learn more about working with attorneys and law firms. Join us, and you will learn all of the above and more! 

My good friend and partner, Sarah Prevost, and I have created a fantastic group of people who help one another with all things legal accounting.   Sarah and I have become known as the power duo that will tackle any challenging migration, advanced client costs, or messy trust accounting. Soon people were reaching out to us to learn more.


We quickly realized there is a need for educating other bookkeepers and accountants on how to work through those complexities. People would directly message Sarah or me and ask a lot of the same questions: 


  • How do you handle trust accounting? 
  • How do you handle the client fees? 
  • 1099’s complexities
  • How do you migrate a client over from one software to another? 
  • How do you market yourself to attorneys? 
  • How do you understand confusing compensation reports? 
  • How did you niche your firm? 

And the list can go on and on.

This is how the Accountant’s Law Lab was born. We have a free Facebook group where we share law firm content and a private mastermind group where we meet, brainstorm, learn, and grow together.

The first two weeks of the month are learning weeks. We do a formal presentation on a law firm topic.  Every third Friday, we do an open forum week. On open forum week, we hand the mic over to our members. They can ask us anything.  We have also been known to dive into legal tech software and even a client file or two.  Any client file that you may be experiencing problems with. We help with workflow, help with how to have that client conversation, raise prices, and talk about best practices. We’ve helped our members connect Clio's legal app to their QuickBooks file. 


Some of our regular weekly meeting topics have included the following:

  • Onboarding best practices
  • Liscio demonstration
  • LeanLaw
  • Clio demonstration
  • Trust accounting Best practices
  • 1099s when working with law firms
  • Payroll when working with attorneys 
  • Networking and Marketing


It is a fun and interactive group. 


There’s considerable value in interacting with your peers. I know some of our members have helped one another offline. That’s what being in a mastermind group is all about!  Our members are very giving and share great tips too! We have learned from them just as much as they have learned from us.


We meet every Friday at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern. We structure it around a topic. It’s a very interactive group, and we enjoy taking questions from our members. 


If you are new to working with attorneys or even have a few attorney clients and you’d like to learn more about the industry or possibly niche into this area, join us!