Vision and Mission Statements for the Law Firm Business Owner




This week we’ll discuss vision and mission statements and their importance in tracking your financial goals or even setting those goals. Many of us business owners are entrepreneurial. We like to create. We have ideas. And that’s where we can lose focus.

I’m not going to get all “woo woo” on you, but it’s necessary to consider the big picture to clarify what you’re building. We often get so involved in our businesses that we lose track of this big picture. Without clarity, it’s tough to succeed in obtaining your goals.


Creating a mission and vision statement will help you be hyper-focused on your trajectory. It will allow you to have a laser-sharp focus and let you do some powerful things. You can start with your personal goals and then work towards how you can involve your staff. Yes, you are in it to win it with the entire team.

Atomic habits

I recently read a book by James Clea called Atomic Habits. It’s an easy read, and I highly recommend it. In the book, James Clear says we need to focus on one thing we are good at doing. I can be a place that you start with in your vision and mission statement. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

The “why”

Are you in a space where you feel like you are spinning out of control? Or are you just stuck and don’t know what you want to do next? Are you wondering why things in your business are not changing or are there things you do in your law practice that don’t align?

Ultimate focus

What is the focus of every hire you make and all your meetings? What are you trying to accomplish? What are you trying to achieve? You can write these questions on that line pad and answer them to help you define your mission statement and vision.

“If you don’t know your purpose, how can you track it?”

You need to focus on your business vision and values. Do you want to create a vision statement that works? It doesn’t have to be woo woo. But the vision statement needs to be your Framework or guidepost for all your business decisions.

If you create a grand vision statement, all your decisions should tie back to it. It should tie back from hiring to meetings to everything you do in your firm.

When writing a definitive vision statement or mission statement, it can’t be too vague. You can’t just write that you want to be the best law firm in town or the best lawyer in immigration ever. It has to be more profound and more descriptive than that. If you write something this vague, how are you even know if you’ve achieved your goal?

How you define your business excellence is different for all of us. What does this mean for you?

Try not to be overly detailed in your mission statement either. That’s the flip side of being too vague. Please write it down and then read it out loud for multiple days. Did you go away outside of the original intent if you get too detailed?

Client experience as an example

Can your mission statement be 100% around an excellent client experience that sets their expectations?

Could you start with a budget for your client around the services they require from you? Specific about all the services you will provide and how you will help your client. This is not a marketing proposal and doesn’t have to be written in one sentence.

Next, look at the staff that interacts with the client. Think about every team member that service your client from staff in the office, remote staff, and your global team. Where can you find or create improvements in the workflow?

Use these points below to help you create a fantastic client experience:

  • We will hit success when
  • Consider the whole big picture.
  • Revenue goal
  • Team expectations

Make your vision statement about yourself and your business and your expectations. A vision statement is a living, breathing thing. You don’t write it and forget it. Having clarity helps with shiny object syndrome.

Decisions are easier and faster. Having a vision statement gets rid of that noise and gets rid of that spiraling out of control feeling.

Why wait? Write your law firm vision statement today!