Law Firm Tech: Clio

As many of you know, I am somewhat known as "the LeanLaw girl"--a title I wear with pride. And rightfully so. It is my favorite software for the legal industry. However, at our firm, we have...

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Law Firm Bookkeeping Practice Area: Criminal Law

Law firm practice areas are the topics of this month, and this is the final article in our series on the nuances in the practice areas as it applies to servicing this type of client and doing...

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Attorney KPI's: Marketing for your Law Firm


When you think about marketing as an expense, it's more than just that. Without marketing, you wouldn't have a way for clients to find you. Marketing is your sales performance guide. It's...

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Attorney Compensation: Growing your Firm the Smart Way


If you are a lawyer that runs a profitable firm and is in growth mode, your compensation package will help you to gain and retain great staff. Remember, all law firms compete for staff and...

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Attorney Bookkeeping - The Slow Death of the Billable Hour


Last week we talked about the attorney billable hour and writing down hours to discount the work provided for legal services. Writing down hours can be a devastating blow to the bottom...

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The Cost of Billable Hours: How to Avoid Write Downs

Whether you're in a large law firm or in-house counsel, billable hours are a reality. These hours are vital to the practice of law and they're also one of the most difficult tasks to manage....

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Law Firm Budgeting


We are in mid-tax season. As an attorney, you might be looking at your records and your bottom line and thinking….

“where did all the money go?”

Maybe you ask your tax...

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Selecting the Entity Type

There are several types of entities that we typically see law firms drawn into. In the US, they are taxed differently, and it is important to be aware of this when considering your law...

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Legal Attorney Billing: LEDES Billing

There are so many acronyms when you work with attorneys. You may be asked as a bookkeeper who works with lawyers about LEDES. LEDES is an acronym for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard. What...

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