Attorney-Client: Closing the Books for year end

It's that wonderful time of the year. It is "getting the records ready for tax time" of the year. As mentioned in this earlier post, we can prepare by getting the contractor lists to be ready for 1099s.

We still have a few days left to strategize for completing 2020 and pre-prepare the final partner reporting or compensation reporting.  Get those final checks to the partners ready to go.

Of course, you have been reconciling the trust accounts to the penny. 

Did you forget the Advanced Client Cost account? It's not too late. See this post for how to reconcile this necessary account easily. 

But, are there more tasks to do when it comes to preparing a law firm's books to finalize?

Of course, there are!  I created this awesome, downloadable e-book with a checklist to help you get the work done and save it to be used, year after year.  Happy New Year!