What the…File-type?!

There are lots of different situations that call for a separate set of tools, just so you can get the job done. A big advantage to having a professional on scene is that they come with their own bag of tricks. Solutions and software, plus software licenses that help to take the pain in the apps moments and turn them into a productive use of time.

You’ve heard me talk about favorite products like LeanLaw, and QuickBooks Online Advanced as THE BEST TOOLS for a law firm to find sweet automation, but every once in a while, a situation calls for some flexibility, and I’ll have to jump out of my favorites and into products that aid the circumstance.

“Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” ~ Muhammad Ali Jinnah

On separate occasions I’ve had to jump into QuickBooks Desktop, PCLaw, Juris,  and Excel to straighten sh##$%% (stuff) out! Sorry...couldn’t come up with a pun for that one. Anyway, I know you understand, sometimes you need to go to your bag of tricks to help your process. There’s nothing quite like taking old data into a new environment (migration), or repairing damaged files that have been crucial to your practice.

I just want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone if you find yourself scratching your head, frustrated, or catching a sideways glance from a colleague because you hadn’t realized you were verbalizing those frustrations aloud. Let WTF, stand for What the File-type as a reminder that you may have better luck with a different method, for starters. Play with it. Maybe you can find your own meaning. I kinda like “Where’s the Friend”, you know...the one who’s done this a time or two and would have it done before you’ve pulled out all your hair. Ha!

Are you an attorney unhappy with the number of hairs left on your head, when it comes to your bookkeeping? Let Artesani Bookkeeping  be your friends. We can ease your pain and get you firm-ly back into the scheme of things. Ha ha...last pun, I promise.