Law Firm Practice Areas: Family Law Accounting Nuances

When working with clients who have the practice area of family law, several areas stand out that can be challenging. First of all, with this practice area, you will have a good volume of...

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Attorney Books: Using No Status


One of the things I love about collaborating with other accountants and bookkeepers is learning new trade tricks.

The last few weeks have been narrowly focused on how to clean up your client...

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Lawyer Bookkeeping: Unapplied Cash Payment Income/Expense


Let me paint the picture. You are doing your accounting records for your law firm. You send the tax professionals the financial documents that they requested. The tax professional contacts...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Processing the Transactions

We are continuing on the series of QuickBooks Online for Attorneys, and after much hard work, we've finally arrived at a place where I think you are ready to get your hands dirty with starting to...

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