Attorney Books: Using No Status


One of the things I love about collaborating with other accountants and bookkeepers is learning new trade tricks.

The last few weeks have been narrowly focused on how to clean up your client...

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Books Review Feature QBO

With so much going on for every client, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. In the past, I had a strict process that I developed to close out client files monthly. Now, we have a feature...

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Legal Software: LeanLaw Settings Part 2

Considering that you've chosen to add LeanLaw as your attorney billing software, undoubtedly the main reason is because of the billing. You want a professional-looking invoice to send out to...

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Legal Software: LeanLaw Settings Part 1

As you dive into the software, you will get excited about the powerful one, two punch of LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Advanced. QuickBooks is such a generalized accounting...

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LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Advanced: User Roles and Permissions

One of the beauties of having QuickBooks Online Advanced and LeanLaw as a software partnership is the ability to have streamlined user functionality. 

As an accountant, we always jokingly...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Attorney Reports

The following blog post is designed to help attorneys understand the reports they need to create using QuickBooks Online as their accounting software. The first report is a requirement of the...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Importing the Client, Vendor, and Employee list

We continue with the QuickBooks Online series for attorneys for the proper setup of your law firm. We have done all the heavy lifting, and if you look at the prior posts, it will take you through...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Entering Billable Time and Expenses

Congratulations on your decision to use QuickBooks Online! It is a robust accounting software. You've probably already realized that it is not built just for attorneys or the legal industry. It's...

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QuickBooks Online for Attorneys: Creating a Client, the Matter, and Receiving the Retainer

QuickBooks is a powerful tool for keeping your law firm running. This article will look at the basic setup of QuickBooks for law firms for creating a client, matter in the sales section, and also...

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